Friday, September 23, 2011

The horror of long distance relationships

    I have been with my current boyfriend for around 2 years and 3 months. For 2 years we did not know each other in person. Yes we started as an online relationship. We may have met online, an art site to be exact, but our feelings were always stronger then those of most others. Our meeting was one of complete chance, a dare forced me to show him that I had a crush on him. His previous relationships left him in a little doubt about whether or not long distance relationships would work but we gave it a try.
   About a month ago we met for the first time and it was pure magic. Nothing was awkward, all of it was natural, like we had been with each other in person the entire time. Yes these kinds of relationships are hard but not impossible.
   I do find myself getting angry when people complain about not being able to see their significant other for a week or two. Try two years. Then add that you only had them for 3 days then had to wait another year to see them again. how many of them would fall apart? How many couples can handle that strain. How many couples have the trust in each other, and confidence to know that their relationship is not in trouble while being separated.
   Honestly I hate being in a long distance relationship more then anyone could ever understand but my love for my partner keeps me strong. We are working towards a better future. Were not rushing things. We arent jumping into marriage or moving in because we know we arent ready. We arent ready financially or emotionally to drop our lives and just leave with each other. In a couple of years we will be. We will have the funds to find a home and be able to afford it. We will have an education to allow us to get jobs to support our livestyle that we will enjoy.
   My partner and I have come a long way. From struggles with each others families, nights crying longing to be with each other, fights and nights when we just couldn't stand each other! We've broken up and made up. We've sat up all night not saying a word, not needing to. Our lives are hard right now. But we are proud to say that never once have we cheated on each other. Never once have we wanted to. Never once have we looked at another with the same eyes we look at each other with. Times are rough, but we need to look to the future.

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