Friday, September 16, 2011

Who am I?

  Who am I you ask? I'm a proud resident of the u.s.a. I'm not skinny, I'm not a super model but I am a cowgirl. Yes I said it.  I can ride well like the best of them. A few bucks and a rear, no problem. Separate that black baldy calf from the herd of 50? no problem. Show high quality horses? no sweat! Get down and dirty? you know I will!. Jeans and a t shirt are all I need.
   I'm a very unique girl. I have many pets, including hamsters, horses, cows, rabbits along with any strays I find. The list of strays has come to include cats, raccoon's, ducks and even mice. I even owned a lamb once who lived in the living room. I slept by him nightly until one night he was so sick my parents refused to let him stay in the house any longer and that night he died in the cold. Being a farm girl I've learned to take the loses when it comes to animals, but no matter how long I've known an animal I will always cry when it passes on. Which is odd since I don't often cry when people pass on. Interesting isn't it?
   What else can I tell you? National honor society tried for a long time to get me to join, sending me gifts and forms, however I refused constantly. I'm currently applying for many universities in the hopes of getting accepted to one of them. Which (not to sound stuck up) I'm sure I will. I don't really know what I want to do as a career yet but I'll figure it out eventually. I'm also known for my writing. I've received awards for it and scored high on all tests involving righting an opinionated essay. However something I'm not big on as you have probably learned, is punctuation and spelling.  I also do not enjoy rewriting any of  my work. occasionally I'll do a little spell checking but that is pretty much the extent of things. It's not that I dont know how to spell or use punctuation, I'm just lazy and occasionally Ill add punctuation and correct spelling but not always.
   Hopefully this has given you a little insight as to who I am.   It has often been said that I am not what people expect. I don't understand how this could be since I am a rather genuine person. If I don't feel like speaking to you one day, chances are I wont. If I don't feel happy, I wont act happy. This has often lead to the misconception that I am a quite and unfriendly person. Perhaps I'm just not comfortable or have something on my mind because I am a very kind person and extremely social-able when put around people I like and take interest in. Right off the bat I can tell you however that I am most definitely one of a kind.

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